Gore Mountain

To the Adirondacks I go! On January 15, I spent the day traveling up to Gore Mountain. Another bluebird day and crisp air made it a great day to shred Gore.

Whenever I am at Gore I am immediately reminded of my racing days in high school.  I have spent many races there including States and Eastern championships, and today the lodge was filled with Section 2 high school racers as they had a race taking place there…what a throwback. It was fun to sit back and watch their excitement coming through the finish line, a feeling I certainly know well. 

While I have been to Gore plenty of times I had never really gotten to ski the mountain, so today I did just that.  Starting at the Northwoods Gondola I went to the top where I randomly chose a trail which ended up taking me over to the Straight Brook Quad where I ended up at the summit of Gore Mountain, with the new Straight Brook Lodge. It is there where I stood for a minute and took in the view of the breathtaking Adirondack mountains. I thanked Mother Nature for the sunshine and a great day of skiing, then headed down the mountain.

Gore made me adventurous, I just chose a trail and hoped I would end up somewhere at the bottom. This made things more a lot more fun.  Gore had plenty of trails open to get to all of the different parts of the mountain.  The adventure of not exactly knowing where I was going was exciting, I went from big open trails to the narrow, windy trails through the woods, which are my favorite especially when no one is on them and I can carve up the whole trail.  Gore has 9 sides of 4 peaks and plenty to ski…bringing a trail map with you may not be a bad idea!  

Snow coverage? Not a problem, and the snow guns were on and creating whales of snow and fresh powder which everyone was skiing under.

Check out Gore’s Why Not Wednesday’s for a $48 lift ticket when you bring an unopened Coca Cola beverage with you, every Non-Holiday Wednesday.

Thanks for having me Gore!

Ski ya on the slopes,



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