What to wear on cold ski days

I have spent many days this winter in the low temps skiing and enjoying the good snow and conditions we have had, but I have definitely had to dress warm, especially Christmas week when the temps were so cold!

But when it is very cold what do we wear? How do we stay warm?

Well…as a lover of the sport I don’t like the cold to hold me back from hitting the slopes! So I will share with you some of my tips and tricks to staying warm on the hill. 

I wear a ton of layers and of course make sure I have my hand warmers in my mittens at all times.

A fun but also essential accessory when it is cold is a “neckie” also known as a neck warmer. These are one of my favorite things about my ski clothes.  Neckies come in all different colors, patterns, fabrics, etc. They are super cute, fun and  keep you super warm! Neckies give you a personality on the mountain other than your outfit, they let people know you like tie dye, flowers, whales, sequins, etc. They kind of make you…you!

IMG-3414 (2)

I know that my toes start to freeze as soon as I step outside of the lodge. So wearing the right pair of ski socks is super important to me.  A trick of mine is to bring a few pairs of socks with you to the mountain and change into a new warm pair when on a break or during lunch time.

Another trick that I have is to wear glove liners under my mittens. They keep your hands nice and toasty in the mittens as well as when you need to take your hand out of your mitten to snap a picture on the mountain!

And who could forget about the Hot Coco breaks!?

My favorite part of any ski day? The hot coco break, I look forward to it all morning. You get to relax after some runs and warm up. It’s also a good time to post your sweet Instagram pic you took on the mountain.

Frost bite is a dangerous aspect to this sport and we should all make sure we are staying warm enough to prevent it. Stopping inside, wearing all your layers and knowing when you’re too cold is essential to staying safe.

These are a few of my tricks and tips to stay warm on the mountain and I hope they help keep you warm!
Ski ya on the slopes!







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