West Mountain

I spent last Monday night skiing at West Mountain, which lies right in the beginning of The Adirondack Park.  There are many things to do at West including skiing and riding, tubing and dining, every day of the week, or you may just want to kick back and sit by the fire outside.

Night skiing is not offered everywhere so whenever I get the chance I take the opportunity to hit the slopes. Growing up I spent almost every night of every winter at my local mountain, night skiing and competing in my high school races. Night skiing kept my friends and I busy and created many fun nights and memories.

Eager to get out on the slopes and night ski I booted up and headed out to The West Express lift where I was greeted by friendly lift operators. I headed up to the summit overlooking the terrain park and a race course being set.

When I reached the top of the mountain, it was being blasted with snow, creating fresh powder whales on the meadows trail which everyone seemed to be shredding through, naturally I followed along. Nothing beats skiing the fresh powder from the snow guns. I was blasted with snow and had it all over me but the powder was so worth it.

There is something so calming about night skiing, the mountain and trails are not as crowded as the day, and for a moment it felt like I had the mountain all to myself. I was quickly reminded that there was in fact a lot of people there when I approached the bottom of the trail by the lodge.  While there were plenty of people at the tubing park, in the terrain park and on the chair lift the most populated area of the mountain was on the race course.

Monday nights at West are popular because of Monday night racing at 7pm. Once the race course was set there were people of all ages running the course, ripping it up and having tons of fun. People crowded the bottom of the course to watch and cheer. Prizes are given after the race at the East Slope Bar & Eatery.

After hitting the slopes I went to the East Slope Bar & Eatery located upstairs in the lodge.  With good food at good prices and a great view of the mountain, it doesn’t get much better than that. I recommend the wings. Each night they have different specials and live music Wednesdays and select Saturdays.

West is a great little mountain with a lot of personality and lots to do.  Events each night with some great terrain to ski and ride! Check out the Fire on the Mountain, February 16 from 7-9pm, live music, torch light parade, fireworks and food and drink specials!



Ski ya on the slopes!




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