Belleayre Mountain

Belleayre is home to me. I grew up here, I have been a part of the Belleayre Mountain Race Association, I have worked here and most importantly I have created lifelong friendships here.  

But this season there is an excitement in the air about the new gondola, the Catskill Thunder. It has been the talk of the mountain for locals, skiers and riders who call this place home.

As someone who grew up on this mountain, change was scary, but exciting. Yesterday was a bluebird day but a cold one, with temps of 2-8 degrees, a perfect time to put the gondola to use, that being said I was excited to load the brand new Catskill Thunder. Not very sure where I’ll end up, I load the gondola with wide eyes, excitement and a smile and the opportunity to warm up a bit!!

Nothing beats the views of the Catskill Mountains on your way up to the top. Once you reach the top and are about to unload, Belleayre Mountain Ambassadors are there to greet you with a smile, and help you grab your skis and answer any questions you may have.  The Ambassadors take the stress out of unloading the gondola and a lot less hectic, be sure to thank them!  

You then have plenty of trails to choose from on my favorite side of the mountain, the West side. The famous race trail Dot Nebel is the first one I go down. The view from the top of Dot is my favorite, not sure if it’s because I have spent most of my childhood up there in the race shack, waiting for my turn to race train or because of the view of the Catskills Mountains and if you look to your left you can see Plattekill ski area, but either way you look the view is fantastic. An easier way down is Deer Run, a mile long trail that everyone in the family can ski and enjoy.

Also new at Belleayre this season is a skier bridge, yes that’s right a skier bridge. You ski over the road and down to the Catskill Thunder Gondola, it’s pretty awesome.  

Belleayre Mountain is an easy 2 hour commute from New York City so come see for yourself!


Ski ya on the slopes!


i ski ny pic


Check out that skier bridge!






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