On a snowy mountain road tucked away in the Catskill Mountains is a family friendly ski area, Plattekill Mountain, where the 70’s style lodge and friendly guests, staff and General Manager Laszlow invite a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all skiers, riders and lovers of the sport. The January thaw the Catskills just experienced, was a tough one and washed away a lot of the snow.  But the snow making and grooming at Plattekill were great today.  Most importantly the spirits of the skiers and riders of Plattekill were not broken as the parking lot was full and the smiles on everyone in the lodge were big and bright.

It was a blue bird day with frosted trees, and picturesque views everywhere you looked. My day was spent exploring this unique mountain and all it has to offer. From the jaw dropping steeps to the wrap around trails with spectacular views, every run I took was enjoyable and not waiting on lift lines…even more enjoyable.



While sitting on the lift you watch over children skiing off huge mounds of snow with smiling from ear to ear and giggles you can hear from the lift, as they are having the time of their life, emerging from snow clouds formed from the roaring snow guns. 21 new snow guns were installed this year and definitely put to use this weekend.



Plattekill gave me a family vibe, the lodge seemed to be filled with people who have been skiing and riding there for years, young children and families, but they welcomed a new comer like me with smiles and conversation.

General Manager Laszlow, is around the lodge all day talking with guests and friends, making sure everything is going well.  He shared a story with me today about Plattekill and an employee.  Today an employee saw a boy who comes every weekend with his family sitting inside the lodge by the fire not skiing  and with no equipment on.  They approached the boy and asked why he was not skiing where he responded by telling them that he accidentally brought his sisters skis with him today and not his own. The employee immediately found Laszlow and together they got the boy set up with some rental skis so he could go out and enjoy the slopes. The small moments like that Laslow said are what he loves about Plattekill. To me, that says it all!

Walking around the lodge you see posters and advertisements of things going on around the mountain such as snow tubing which they have every weekend (which is really fun!), ski lessons, and the ability to rent out the entire mountain on weekdays, to name a few! Plattekill is only open on weekends and holidays but during the week you can rent out the whole ski hill to yourself…what a cool birthday idea! For more information click the link below.

Plattekill is a little gem in the Catskills that everyone should visit. The steeps are great and long, the blue and green trails are a fun adventure for any kind of skier and rider and the atmosphere is a great one. Go visit them this Friday January, 19 for Discover NY Ski Day and $24.00 lift tickets.


Ski ya on the slopes!


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