I woke up this morning excited for the day of skiing ahead.  Going to Catamount meant a new mountain, a new experience, and new fun to be had.

As you turned into the ski area and  you see a little parking lot and big mountain right in front of you.  It’s a pretty awesome view from the parking lot.  I parked my car, grabbed my skis and headed for the lodge.

I met my friend Rachel in the lodge and the day began. Never being at Catamount before we were excited to explore. The day was warm and felt like spring so we were excited to get out there and have some spring skiing in January.

We took some advice on what trails are must do’s from Marketing Director Rich and we took our first run on a green trail Ridge Run, into Upper Promenade and Lower Promenade which was 1.5 long.  It was a great warm up run, and took you all the way around the mountain.

The next time we did the blue trail Upper and Lower Sidewinder, which is the other side of the mountains wrap around trail.  What is unique about Catamount is that half of the mountain is in NY and the other half is in Massachusetts.

Going up the quad lift Rachel and I are watching skiers and riders come down the trails trying to decide where to go next. Then we overlook Catapult…one of the steepest trails in the Northeast. People are doing the pizza all the way down, going cautiously side to side, making huge wide turns  as we sit there on the lift watching and wondering do we take a chance and head down it.

Of course we did, and it was indeed steep but overall a great run one run I will remember for a while.  The only thing a skier might not like is that everyone on the lift is probably watching you.  But that does not bother me. With numerous blue, green and black trails Catamount has a little bit of terrain for every type of skier.

Catamount was unique, it was simple and it had a nice crowd for a Thursday. An eclectic group of skiers and riders taking advantage of the warm day and groomed conditions for a $20 lift ticket (Monday-Thursday non holiday) that would definitely get me and my friends there!

I got to sit down with General Manager Tom, and we spoke about the mountain.  We discussed their recent guest survey and what he as a manager focuses on.  For him it is all about the guest interaction.  Many employees return year after year and that makes a difference.  As I walked around the lodge and mountain you could tell each employee was happy to be there, they were all very friendly and helpful.

It was a fun day of warm skiing with good conditions, views, and vibes at Catamount.  


Ski ya on the slopes!



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